An outsourced or fractional Vice President of Sales can bring significant advantages to any business looking to improve their sales performance. Here are some of the key benefits of using such a professional:

Highly Specialized Expertise, Skills, Insights

First and foremost, they bring in highly specialized expertise, skills, and insights in sales and marketing. Most businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, cannot afford to hire a full-time VP of Sales to lead their sales teams effectively. However, with an outsourced professional, businesses can get access to top-notch talent without the high overhead costs. They offer a fresh perspective on sales strategies and can find opportunities that your team may have missed.

Works Directly for Your Business

Secondly, the outsourced VP of Sales can be a versatile partner in your business journey. They are excellent at understanding how a business’s unique goals, objectives, and challenges can affect sales performance. Hence, they can construct tailor-made plans for your business, such as unique pricing strategies, target audience segmentation and many more.

Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Thirdly, they bring in a highly concentrated burst of knowledge and experience, which can be extremely helpful if the business does not have the budget or resources to train or hire an experienced sales team from scratch.

Quickly Solve Sales and Business Challenges

Fourthly, outsourced VP of Sales can guide businesses through the maze of challenges faced in the world of sales and marketing. These experienced professionals can identify potential pain points encountered in sales and implement effective strategies to avoid them, resulting in decreased cost overruns. 


In conclusion, outsourcing fractional VP of Sales is a great decision for businesses looking to gain an edge in sales. The benefits range from unlocking new sales strategies, filling knowledge gaps quickly, and potentially saving money by avoiding costly errors. By working with an experienced and respected outsourced VP of Sales, businesses can look forward to higher customer conversions, increased customer satisfaction rates and revenue growth.

To learn how an outsourced/fractional VP of Sales can benefit your company click below to schedule a 30 minute, free, no obligation Sales Readiness Assessment.  In our call we will discuss your company’s sales challenges and present recommendations for how you can build a solid sales foundation which delivers breakthrough growth

David Fionda

David Fionda is an experienced and accomplished sales and business development expert who has delivered results for companies for four decades. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded and grown five businesses and sold three. His sales focus is complex technology solutions, where he won 91% of proposals delivered and closed some of the largest deals in firm history. Dave has also coached and mentored the Grand Prize winners of the Mass Challenge competition two years in a row.

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