Podcast – Joe Ippolito on Building a Scalable Sales Process

In this episode of Business Breakthrough Thursdays, award-winning Sandler trainer and sales coach Joe Ippolito explains how to build a scalable sales process. Joe shares how even inexperienced salespeople can consistently qualify and close in a few simple steps. If the thought of selling scares you, Joe is the person to listen to. 


  • How a series of simple steps can help you map out your prospect’s sales journey and identify the right opportunities to close the sale
  • Which questions to ask during the discovery call
  • How to detect when a prospect is just looking for free consulting
  • Why the “show up and throw up” sales pitch just doesn’t work
  • How to avoid wasting both your time and your prospect’s time
  • A simple way to identify (and address) needs
  • How to apply basic psychological techniques to quickly assess a prospect’s interest level

Joe Ippolito is the President of TOPLINE Performance Solutions, an authorized Sandler Training franchise. For the past decade, Joe has been an award-winning Sandler trainer, author, coach, and speaker. His columns on cutting-edge sales topics have appeared regularly in the Boston Business Journal. Joe has successfully trained and consulted with business owners, senior managers and sales professionals from a variety of industries including professional service firms, manufacturing, consumer product companies, information technology providers, healthcare and biotech, to name a few. He has worked with start-ups, building and scaling their sales process infrastructure, as well as established organizations committed to growth. Joe’s successful clients are both companies and entrepreneurs that are committed to becoming leaders in their industry by developing their human capital and themselves, giving them a true competitive advantage.

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