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Welcome to Our Growth, Profitability and Productivity Blog

Welcome to the Business Breakthrough Network’s Growth, Profitability and Productivity Blog!

We are a community of industry experts and business owners who are passionate about taking their companies to the next level of growth, profitability and productivity.

Originally planned to launch in late 2020, we accelerated the launch timeline to accommodate the fear, uncertainty and doubt that has permeated businesses around the world as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the planet. While we’re just getting started, we’ve already held nearly a dozen online programs, including our June 9th “America Reopens: What Small Business Can Expect Next” webinar.

Our editorial team is hard at work researching SMB/SME business trends, meeting with business and technology leaders, and preparing exclusive content that will be shared here. Much of this content will be made available here for free. Some of our content, however, will only be shared with our members and event registrants. For example, we are working on an exclusive “America Reopens Handbook”, which will be made available to members and also to attendees of our June 9th “America Reopens” webinar.

Currently, we are offering a free six-month Charter Membership. We are still working on the membership structure and will announce it over the summer, but for now, enjoy the free membership (no credit card needed), and we’ll be back in touch with you with several membership options as the six months come to an end.

Our members enjoy full access to our interactive office hours, live events, podcasts, business development activities and various online resources. provide real opportunities to collaborate and learn from peers and experts, discuss challenges, learn best practices, get feedback and implement solutions.

We hope that you will enjoy the resources in our growth, profitability and productivity blog. Please “bookmark” us, add us to your favorite RSS reader (we love Feedly), follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and check back in frequently!

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