Successful sales depend on much more than just a few pleasing individuals. It’s about developing the Right Sales Team that has enthusiasm, ambition and is capable of communicating effectively with customers. Without the proper sales team in place, growing revenue becomes difficult for a company. Here are a few reasons why having the right sales team is critical to reach sales revenue goals:

Creates Trust

First, the sales team creates trust. Being the core of any sales team is the relationship which they build with customers. The right sales team knows how to earn the trust of their customers by understanding their needs and delivering products or services that meet them.

Understands and Educates the Customer

Second, the right sales team can influence or persuade customers to make a purchase. Good salespeople offer in-depth product knowledge and understanding to customers. They ask useful questions about a prospect’s pain threshold and specific objections against a purchase. Aside from being charismatic, they’re also acknowledged as credible resources because they know more about the company’s merchandise than most people or customers.

Delivers Results

Third, the sales team is impactful. Such a team understands the company’s sales goals and has a solid strategy which they use cleverly to reach them. The right team utilizes metrics in order to analyze, evaluate and monitor their sales activities, comprising emails sent, calls made, and conversions closed. Consequently, this makes it possible to set end-of-year targets and aims.


Having the sales team is one of the most significant ways for organizations to succeed in growing revenue. To hire the optimal sales team, employers must use effective recruiting channels. Additionally, the selection event should test functioning behavioral competencies like tenacity, critical thinking, teamwork, and negotiation. When done right, the result is a winning sales team that has the right approach, attitude, and know-how to result in growing sales revenues. 



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David Fionda

David Fionda is an experienced and accomplished sales and business development expert who has delivered results for companies for four decades. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded and grown five businesses and sold three. His sales focus is complex technology solutions, where he won 91% of proposals delivered and closed some of the largest deals in firm history. Dave has also coached and mentored the Grand Prize winners of the Mass Challenge competition two years in a row.

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